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What is a franchise

A franchise is when a company (the franchisor) allows an individual (the franchisee) to sell and market products or services in a certain area or territory using the company’s business model and branding.

When you buy a franchise, you agree to a contract called the ‘franchise agreement’. This means you need to follow specific guidelines and rules to keep the brand consistent. Besides the initial fee for buying the franchise, you’ll usually pay ongoing fees to the franchisor. These fees are for benefits like training, support, and help with marketing.

To be successful you need to be great with people; polite, respectful, and PASSIONATE about cycling!

No bike fitting experience is necessary as you will be fully trained in all the tools, techniques and systems.

Franchisees are welcome from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

Bike shop employees (sales/mechanics)

Take control of your time and earn the money you deserve without leaving the cycling industry

Keen cyclists pro/club/amateur

Work in the sport you love, helping more people share your passion while earning a great income

Business people who love cycling

Tired of staring at screens and playing office politics, be your own boss and enjoy a rewarding lifestyle

Physios, PTs and fitness industry

Fed up earning rubbish returns, take control of your future with your own bike fitting business

As one of The Bike Fitters, you will be trained and certified in our bike fitting system. It’s not just a one-off course, you will receive ongoing updates and insights to ensure you stay at the forefront of the industry. As well as the technical, we will guide and support you in how to grow your local business another benefit of being part of a franchise network.

And with this business model there are more income streams as a result of the relationships you’ll develop through each bike fit. Often new bikes arrive and need properly setting up pre-fit. Then there is the supply of parts for each fit and the inevitable conversations around the latest tech and innovations that will often lead to further interactions. You’ll become your client’s trusted advisor!

become a trusted advisor to your local cyclists

Home bike fitting is a huge opportunity in a fragmented market with so much potential. One bike fit often leads to another! Some clients have multiple bikes, most will have their own network of similarly passionate cycling buddies too – it’s so rewarding at so many levels.

Road / Gravel / CX

Triathlon / Time Trial / Track

Mountain Bike

Indoor Home / Gym

Touring / Bikepacking


Why a franchise with The Bike Fitters?

If you are looking to start your own business, starting it with a franchise system is proven to be much lower risk and far more profitable for you as the franchisee than going it alone as an independent. You also don’t have to spend as much money either!

There are many benefits to becoming a franchisee with The Bike Fitters:

Turn your passion for cycling into an income
Take control of your work/leisure time
No premises required and low overheads
Rewarding role helping people increase their enjoyment of cycling
Earn an amazing income when compared with the industry norms
Scale to a multi-van operation and build a business to sell

different business models

As a franchisee you can decide which business model suits you best and we are always more than happy to help you explore these together.


This is our entry-level and most popular first move into the world of franchising. As a Bike Fitters franchisee, you will have the rights to one territory and for the use of our business model for the duration of the franchise agreement. You are likely to start with one territory and potentially progress to more as your business grows. 


Some of our prospects have the means, desire and business ambitions to cover more than one territory right from day one. If this is your situation, you could consider becoming an area developer, operating within several territories. We have the infrastructure to help you fast track to multi territory ownership with employees. Typically, as an area developer you would begin in one territory whilst having agreed to take on more over a period, for which you pay an area developers fee on a per territory basis


This is your opportunity to own or invest in a Bike Fitters Franchise territory, whilst using an operating partner to run the business. You may already own another business or have been successful in your career and want to share your expertise but without a full-time commitment. 

Less than 1% of franchises fail each year

– NatWest Franchise Report 2020

There are around 48,000 franchise businesses in the UK. This is around twice the number that were operating a quarter of a century ago

– Franchise UK

The industry now contributes £17.2 billion per annum to UK GDP and employs 710,000 people

– British Franchise Association

Interested in exploring franchise opportunities with us?

Request a prospectus and learn more about becoming a franchisee. Let’s discuss how you can join our growing network and start your journey to business success within the cycling industry!

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